Michael Lombardo


Mike LombardoMichael has been involved in the media industry for well over 25 years. Beginning with his position of Vice President of Marketing for the Midwest’s largest furniture retailer, he has worked on both the agency and client sides of media. Serving as President and Chief Marketing Officer of numerous organizations supporting national media planning and execution, Michael has been at the forefront of developing innovations in technology and tactics for Publishers and Advertisers alike.

Michael currently serves as CEO of Tactician Media, a privately held company established in 2001.  At Tactician Media, he’s had the opportunity to work with many of the largest newspaper organizations providing clients with technology and data, including mapping and transaction programs.  Tactician Media’s Insert Express platform is a cloud-based system used by newspaper sales reps and retailer print planners.  In addition to technology products, the company offers a wide range of consulting services including newspaper program development, training and retail customer analysis.

Prior to 2001, Michael spent nine years in the retail industry as Vice President of Marketing for one of the nation’s largest furniture retailers. While in the furniture industry, Michael pioneered the use of target marketing programs for big ticket retailers and was one of the first to deploy sub-zip solutions in preprint distribution in the 1990’s. In that same decade Michael co-founded Virtual Resources, a web development company headquartered in Chicago. Virtual Resources developed web sites and applications for organizations in a wide variety of industries including the energy and construction sectors. At Dimac Direct, Michael served as Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer overseeing client groups servicing Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Honda, Enterprise Rent a Car and many others. There he continued to develop advanced target marketing programs for direct mail on a large scale.

Michael has over 20 years of experience in developing leading edge technologies and programs supporting marketing programs in a variety of industries. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and is considered an expert in the areas of micro zoning and target marketing methodology and infrastructure. He is a graduate of The University of Illinois at Urbana and currently resides in St. Louis near the company’s headquarters located in Chesterfield, MO.