Top Management Perspective

Our engagements begin with an understanding of the perspective and objectives from top management.  Beyond the global directives, we also investigate specifics of revenue creation, operational efficiencies and cost reduction.  According to leading consulting companies, two out of three initiatives fail because of internal bureaucracy.  A cornerstone to our practice is cutting through the restraining forces, which, when left unchecked can inhibit success.

Objective Fact-Based Analysis

Let the data speak for itself.  We track billions of dollars of advertisements every year and have the tools to make solid fact-based recommendations.  In addition to our tracking systems, we have the depth of experience to interpret large data sets and help focus organizations on true key metrics in an informative visual way.

Jointly Developed Solutions

Over decades of program launches and executed initiatives, we know that a clear understanding of objectives and deliverables is key to success.  Our projects have timelines with defined responsibilities for the consultant and the client.  Collaborating with our clients yields greater impact and measurable returns.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Our team of consultants and project managers has profound knowledge of the publishing and advertising industry.  The combined years of senior level accountability on both the publisher and client side are key to having the ability to spot trends and anticipate changes.

Ongoing Metrics and Tools

We offer wide-ranging tools which provide ongoing status and continuous engagement in projects and initiatives.  Our extensive set of tools includes operational transaction management systems which enhance and customize business intelligence applications.  Our unique visual aspect consists of extensive cartographic mapping and data illustration tools.

Measurable Outcomes

“What gets measured gets done.” 

We are accountable for producing results.  Our solutions and systems have real tangible measures that demonstrate value.  For some organizations this can equate to millions of dollars of increased revenue, while others find success through the expansion of their market-share.  Either way, our clients experience real results.