Our consulting practice focuses on our publishing clients’ most critical business issues – volume growth, pricing yield, and opportunities for sustainable change and continuous improvement. Our team brings decades of senior management leadership in publishing, retail, marketing and technology, giving us a multi-disciplinary perspective that captures value across functional boundaries. And as the creator of industry-leading analytical tools our benchmarking expertise is unrivaled. Our experience, processes and tools create a multiplier effect that delivers measurable value.

  • Sales and negotiation strategy optimization – Unlock the power of your local data insights and national performance benchmarking.

  • Pricing strategy and yield management – Proven success improving pricing yield through effective benchmarking, trend analysis, and differentiated strategy.

  • Insert program management – Increase insert revenue and profitability through advertiser program optimization, distribution product synergy, and zoning efficiency.

  • Circulation acquisition strategy – Data-driven strategy development based on analysis of audience potential and the full revenue impact of circulation acquisition.

  • Operational process improvement – Applying industry best practices to create the most effective combination of People, Process, and Technology.

For more information on how Tactician Media Consulting can help you increase revenue and improve operating efficiency, contact Mike Petrak (mpetrak@tacticianmedia.com) or Lisa Szal (lszal@tacticianmedia.com).