Data-driven revenue strategies for publishers

Now more than ever before, publishers are looking for proven solutions to their most pressing business challenges. Through our ground breaking CoreBI™ application, measure and manage key performance metrics – volume/revenue/rate, distribution methods and projections from a database of over $7.5 billion of transactions. Increase revenue, and save time and money using insights to benchmark performance, improve negotiation results, and maximize profitability from large advertisers. Identify emerging business development opportunities to offset ‘big-box’ closings.
Maximize performance with Digital Owned and Operated. We monitor over 7,900 brands for FSI, ROP and Digital ad revenue. Convert coveted ROP relationships to Digital campaigns or complement an FSI promotion. Identify brands that are advertising using Digital ads in other markets. Focus on specific website performance across vertical markets and down to the brands themselves.

Understand the full picture and execute on potential.

Data Aggregation

Improve operating efficiency by automating data reporting across publications and markets.

Benchmark Rate and Volume

Compare performance against over 3000 publications across $7 billion in transactions

Improve Performance

Provide sales leaders with the data they need to accurately evaluate results, identify opportunities, and develop strategies.

Pricing Strategy

Inform pricing strategy that improves rate performance without increasing competitive vulnerability.

Data Driven Negotiations

Improve key account negotiation results with data driven analysis.

Focused Business Development

Focus business development on areas with high potential for improvement.