Solutions Overview

Powerful solutions for the media industry’s biggest challenges

Media Planning and Proposals

MarketAI™ is a complete toolkit of applications that provide streamlined, interactive solutions for the simplest to the most complex distribution planning scenarios – from a single product, geographically-driven program; a multi-media, research-driven profile; to a list-driven direct marketing program - MarketAI™ is the single planning system that can handle them all.
  • Targeted Media Planning
  • Market Reference Reporting
  • Profile Optimization
  • Digital geofencing and email integration
  • Consumer Scoring
  • Integrated Order Entry
  • Sales Pipeline Reporting
  • Local, Regional and National Platforms available

Business Intelligence

The CoreBI™ suite of business intelligence solutions have proven successful in generating volume and rate improvement from existing advertisers, improving the productivity and results of business development efforts, and providing a foundation of data-driven strategy development that creates a cycle of continuous improvement.
  • Transaction Driven
  • Market Trends
  • Pricing Benchmark
  • Volume Benchmarking
  • Vertical Markets
  • 1000’s of Advertisers

Local and Regional Sales

Local Recon™ identifies print and digital advertisers that are active in other markets but not locally – the best business development prospects – and provides data intelligence that enable smart prospecting: a ranking of prospects to help prioritize potential; maps of prospect locations and a list of store addresses; and current pricing averages by product type and size. Pinpointing your best prospects improves the efficiency of your business development efforts, and utilizing national benchmark rates, product usage and product size enhances the effectiveness of your proposals and improves close ratio.
  • Brand Performance
  • Opportunity Ranking
  • Digital Owned and Operated
  • Locations
  • ROP Conversion
  • Market Comparisons