Media Planning and Placement Tools for Publishers

Provides a simple method for creating presentation ready maps and proposals.
  • Distribution proposals
  • Cut and paste a distribution
  • Presentation-ready maps
  • Advertiser and competitor locations
  • Quick turnaround estimates
  • Assess program changes
  • Save time and money and reduce errors

Relevant research variables to create multi-media data-driven proposals.
  • Professional sales proposals
  • Hundreds of demographic and spending variables
  • FSI, ROP and Digital distribution methods
  • Distribution and pricing
  • Demonstrate your market value
  • Sell across product types and media channels
  • Archive proposals for future use
  • Higher Close Ratio

Automate the optimization of existing programs based on geographic and research variables.
  • Identify performance gaps
  • Automate the optimization of programs based on geographic, research variables
  • Statistically demonstrates the improvement in audience quality
  • provides presentation-ready proposals
  • data-driven case for additional products and distribution
  • Improve the ROI of advertiser programs
  • Expands the context of contract discussions from ‘pricing’ to ‘value’

Support for local and regional sales.
  • Distribution Mapping
  • Print and Deliver Pricing
  • Printing Specifications
  • Full sales proposal
  • Output to PDF
  • Great for mobile device or tablet

Finite targeting for Grocers and Franchises
  • Develop versions from profiles
  • Show complex mapping
  • Control distribution for specific stores
  • Store and modify profile scenarios
  • Output and share maps with advertisers
  • Must have for Grocers and large franchises

Seamlessly integrates planning with Ordering, Financial and Operations systems.
  • Order entry interface
  • Duplicate orders
  • Full past order archive
  • Integration to insert production software
  • Transmission of orders to accounting and billing
  • Manifest output and extensive historical reporting

Order integration is compatible with most of the popular packaging and financial systems in the publishing industry.  Contact us to discuss your specific system needs.