Google Analytics data at Zip Code

Detailed Zip Code reporting for publisher websites and electronic editions!
  • Unique Users
  • Page Views
  • Pages per Session
  • Political Districts
  • Print plus Digital Penetrations
  • Includes over 4 million advertiser locations!

Print plus Digital penetration for publishers

Key to unlocking sales for digital o/o. 90% of a publishers owned and operated revenues comes from local, regional advertisers. Winning with them is critical!

Demonstrate effective reach to advertisers

Use heat maps and penetration reports for your sales team to demonstrate the power of your combined print and digital reach into advertiser targeted Zip Codes.

Detailed Trending for Users

Understand the trend of your users and compare to national benchmark averages.

Direction for Editors and Circulation

User and Page View trends by Zip Code in easy to use dashboards and interactive maps.

Print and Digital for Political Districts

Key metrics for Congressional, Senatorial, State House and Senate and County. Includes penetrations of registered voters!

Performance Metrics and National Benchmarking

A must have for senior leaders and digital directors. Key measures organized by website and electronic edition integrated into a single system.