Focused Local and Regional Sales

Vertical Market Performance

Evaluate performance across key vertical markets and compare against publishers throughout the country.
  • Over 20 Vertical Markets
  • Market Allocation %
  • National Benchmark %
  • Digital, ROP and FSI Performance
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Capture New Revenue

Opportunity Ranking - Am I getting my share?

View market performance alongside location information and opportunity. What revenue should my publications get that other publishers are already receiving?
  • Brick and Mortar Locations in a Market
  • Nationwide Brands
  • National Opportunity Ranking for Digital, ROP and FSI
  • Uncover Brands Advertising with other Publishers
  • Prioritize Opportunities for Revenue
  • Expand relationships with underperforming Advertisers

Multi-Market Performance - Am I maximizing my current relationships?

Evaluate multiple markets for consistency and opportunity. Perfect for centralized national teams.
  • Market consistency – uncover revenue
  • Locations lead to New Revenue
  • Multi-Market revenue for Digital
  • View Revenue and Opportunity in Single Dashboard
  • Perfect for Local and Regional Sales Leaders
  • Uncover $Millions in untapped revenue

Key Performance Metrics - How does your organization score?

Evaluate performance against opportunity.
  • Overall Market Penetration
  • Organizational Performance
  • Isolate Digital, ROP and FSI
  • Determine National/Local client strategy
  • Sales Management Accountability
  • Reorient your organization for huge top line growth